Fall Photo Sessions 2017!

That beautiful time of year is around the corner! Here are the details for Fall Photos sessions:

  • 20 minute sessions
  • 11 X 14 print with 16 X 20 mat - ready for a 16 X 20 frame!
  • 5 digital files
  • Up to 3 dogs
  • Family welcome (5 humans maximum)

I have several dates and locations. If you are interested, contact me for booking and I can provide further details and scheduling. 

The session cost is $275, like previous years, I will donate $100 from each session to Sit With Me Rescue.

Sit With Me is an Ontario-Quebec foster-based rescue that focuses on the most at risk dogs in local shelters. Dogs are placed in foster homes to rest, decompress and help transition into a normal family life. I have volunteered to photography their adoptable dogs for over 4 years and I can't describe how great it is to see dogs given the opportunity for another chance at LIFE. Like with many rescues and local Humane Societies, revenue streams fluctuate, donations fluctuate. At the moment, Sit With Me has many dogs that need immediate medical attention or need an experienced foster home. When no foster homes are available, some dogs are placed at boarding facilities for assessment and care. These places, although thankful they are available, can cost a lot of money if the dog is not able to move within a short amount of time. 

I am very happy to be able to help raise funds for this amazing rescue. One that is evolving, learning and trying to make lives better for hundreds of dogs a year. If you were ever considering having a photoshoot of you and your favourite furry family member .. get in contact with me today and let's make some memories!