Izzy is our new foster. She came to us in quite a mess. I have had her in my home for about a week and over the past few days she has really started to relax. She was very very unsure and had a very sore body. Most of her fur is missing off the top of her back, she has some sores and a bit stiff when she walks .. and the poor thing smells. Very yeasty. 

We have given her a medicated bath, Sit With Me brought her to a vet and it appears as though she had an under developing thyroid. She is currently on medication and getting lots of love and TLC. 

We believe she is about 4-5 years old and possible an Akita/Husky/Samoyed cross. She's quite solid, knows basic commands and loves to go for walks on leash. 

At this time we are getting know to her and what her long term needs are before being available for adoption. If you are looking for a new dog in your life, please consider adopting!

Sarah O'Neill1 Comment