Jenny Bear

Three weeks ago I got a call from a friend at Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue. They wanted to pull a dog that they had already assessed but they didn't have a place to put her. It was a rather dire situation and I have never had a problem being inconvenienced in order to help a dog in need.

A couple of hours later the new addition shows up. I remember when she first jumped out of the truck that she looked like a big, fuzzy bear. We set up her crate and bed in the office and proceeded to do our introductory walks with my other 3 dogs. Both my Canaans were excellent with her. My little Indian dog was a bit of a grumpy old man - but he's not old, he's 4. You get the idea. I named her Jenny and fell in love with her immediately.

She is a very calm yet playful dog. She loves going for walks and watching the world go by through the living room window. I took her to an agility open house and she did great. She is super friendly with EVERY dog she meets and she loves to lean into you for cuddles.

Tonight, as I write this, I'm getting ready to drive out to Barrhaven to bring her to her *hopefully* forever home. I uploaded a photo of Jenny on Facebook over a week ago and an old coworker saw it. She heard her parents were thinking about getting a 2nd dog for their older dog, as a companion and she immediately thought of the dog I posted about.


The wonders of social media. 

They read up about her and told their daughter all I could about her. So they filled out an application for Sit With Me and I got a message this week that we are doing a trial adoption. I have ZERO doubt they will change their mind. Everyone who meets this dog is smitten by her.  

So .. so long Jenny. I'm so happy your life was saved. I'm so happy you came to me. I'm so happy you have found your forever home, I hope. Miss you.