Lucy, pt. 2

Ryan and I have been here before. Here as in, this emotional experience. We had previously fostered Lucy in late 2013 for about 5 months and almost exactly 2 years ago, Lucy was adopted. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances happen in life and Lucy ended up back with Sit With Me this summer. It was very frustrating and unfortunate BUT we were ready to collect her and bring her home, again. 

Lucy has a true Pyrenean Mountain Dog personality. She is completely devoted to her family, stubborn, loyal and will bark and anything she is concerned about .. especially squirrels in her backyard. She was always good with her foster canine siblings but never cuddly. She is respectful of her own and other dogs space but her real love comes out for her humans. She is a velcro dog. She loves to be around and watch over her family. We knew that she would require a special family that understood her and would work with her to make the circle complete. 

As I don't believe in superstition, I can type and post this with no concern that it will affect her eventual outcome. Tomorrow, myself and Mel (Sit With Me) will travel to Montreal to do a possible adoption trial. I have prepared myself that the next 24hrs will be our last time together. I managed to get some shots of her and the other dogs in the backyard this afternoon. I was watching her and kept thinking how much I am going to miss her ... happy for her, but miss her deeply. 

I have had people ask "Why don't you keep her?". I have definitely thought about it but we currently have 3 dogs and feel that is enough. We want to be able to foster for Sit With Me and we don't believe that would be possible if we kept her. We also know that even though she is very loved, she would be better off in a home where she was the only dog, or maybe 1 other. Far more attention and focus on just her. 

So .. tomorrow might work out, it might now. I think it will but ... who knows. She will either be coming back with us, staying for a trial in which it will work out, or it won't. Either way ... she will always have a home, here.