New faces of 2017

Some new friendly faces from Sit With Me Rescue

Photographing dogs for adoption profiles is incredibly rewarding. I get to meet hundreds of dogs, of different shapes, breeds and personalities. When I hear that my photos help make a difference in whether a dog gets noticed or not .. I couldn't be happier. Now, not to be overly dramatic but there are many faces on this website that literally would not be alive today if it weren't for hard working volunteers. Volunteers who put in countless hours, on top of their regular full time jobs and families, in order to network, email, phone, pick up supplies or drive dogs to their new homes.

Fundraising is an INTEGRAL part of rescue. The only funding is from donations and funding is always needed. Although sometimes you will see puppies with Sit With Me, those are few and far between. The majority of the dogs in Sit With Me's care require more extensive medical care, some behaviour training or they simply were found with no owners, no identification and no one came looking for them. So you may be thinking 'more extensive medical care?' or 'behaviour training?' and that sounds like issues. Yes, sometimes there are more serious issues but often these medical issues are simply kennel cough, ear infections or a sprained limb. And behaviour issues? We are talking about 9 month old, energetic dogs who never got any training as a puppy. No effort was put in and now they are not crate trained and they chew things out of boredom. These are issues that Sit With Me takes on to fix. Dogs shouldn't have their life in balance because of neglectful previous owners.

However, in order to help these dogs .. they needs vet treatment, training and other resources. This requires money. Generous people do one time donations, bid on items in auctions, raffles, buy merchandise and many other ways. For all of that 


Thank you for noticing, caring and helping our rescue. We thank you and the dogs thank you.