Project 52 - Repetition

Repetition is the weekly theme. I initially had the idea to photograph one of my dogs peeping out between a row of symmetrical hedges. Problem was .. I couldn't find any in time. In the end I decided to use my neighbours much loathed chain link fence.

When Ryan and I first bought our house 3 years ago we had spoken to the neighbour (where the fence technically resides on his side) about taking it down. It's a simple 10 foot piece that runs down the left side of our house and his driveway. He said he was already thinking about and even went to the trouble of taking out the mesh, leaving only the posts one weekend. It was to our surprise that the next day ... not only was he leaving the posts up .. he was putting in the new mesh!?

When we jokingly asked why he had changed his mind, he said he decided to leave it because he felt it was a good 'visual' for him to see where his property line was. uh ok. weiiiiiirrrrdddd.

Anyways .. it's still up and I used it for this week's Beautiful Beasties Project 52 Theme - so it  had some use. I placed Shamar 5ft from the fence, I shot on the other side, zoomed at almost 200mm, 2.8 .. focused on the eyes so I would get a nice bokehness of the mesh.

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