Helping out in 2015

The majority of my photography work is towards helping dogs get noticed and adopted, quicker. I am incredibly proud of working with Sit With Me and helping them out in any way I can. Volunteering for an animal rescue can be emotionally draining. There are incredibly happy times and there are times that just literally deflates you. I know of photographers who suffer from post-traumatic stress from the experiences they have witnessed and photographed. I, fortunately, have not had that experience. I find the hard times are great motivators for helping out even more. 

When I get told my Sit With Me coordinators that my photos have helped get an otherwise overlooked dog get adopted .. mission accomplished. It's always the best news of the day and that's my purpose. 

Here are some of the faces of 2015. Some are photos taken at various shelters when we have gone to do behaviour assessments. Those dogs might have gone to other rescues in the end but I have included them in this collage because it is Sit With Me who sends their volunteers to do the assessments, write up the notes, send out to other rescues with photos and often coordinate the transportation. 

When I look at the faces of these dogs, I am thankful they have volunteers with Sit With Me and other rescues/individuals who look out for them every day.