Tanner in the woods

For personal reasons, which I will post about at some point in the future, my boyfriend and I had a very emotional week. Physically, emotionally and psychologically draining. I can say that when you look at this face, the face of my foster dog Tanner ... no matter what your mood, you can't help but just smile. He's been an amazing companion and I will miss him so much when he gets adopted through Sit With Me rescue. 

It's always a bit more challenging for a Pit Bull type dog to get placed. Not because of his temperament, simply because there are just less people looking. So in that time he will stay with us and be loved. It was a challenge to get these shots because I was alone, and I wasn't willing to risk having Tanner get loose and potentially take off. He is very committed and sticks with his people but .. I just didn't want to be that person that loses a foster dog in a random border town. I had to have him on my long stretch leash and even with that. I would tie him to a stump up ahead and move back, as I prefer to shoot at the 100-300mm range and every time I slowly moved back .. he got all anxious and bouncy and wanted to come with me. In the house and on walks he does know his 'stay' command but I'm guessing this environment was just too stimulating for him to focus. 

Ryan had to ship some motorcycle parts to the US on Saturday so Tanner and I hitched along for the ride. He dropped us off at Angelo's, which is this diner near the Ontario/NY border at Ogdensburg, and from there we went on some walking trails behind the truck stop. My life has been so busy since I got back from my trip to Europe and Egypt that, other than sessions for other people, I didn't take any time for myself to enjoy the beautiful fall colours. 

They are mostly gone now but there are still a few parts that are holding out. It was nice to just be out in nature, no noise except for the wind and the chirping of birds and the scurrying of squirrels, frantically gathering their stash for the winter. It's amazing what time along, disconnected time along, can give you to just stop and breathe