#EndBSL magnets

#EndBSL magnets


4X5 inch magnets

These magnets come in groups of 8. When placing order, you will be prompted for 8 options. Please scroll through the options and take note of the NUMBER (as the images are not visible in the next step).

Once I receive the order, turnaround time is approximately 10 business days. Please include your mailing address. 

All the dogs featured on the magnets are pit bull type dogs that have come into rescue with Sit With Me. With the recent proposed ruling for Breed Specific Legislation in Montreal, it will be harder for Sit With Me to transfer dogs to Quebec, as there are often several fosters and potential adopters in the affected boroughs. 

$5 from each order will be donated to Sit With Me, to help coninue saving dogs like Jolene, Bricklin, Puddles, Rhonda, Tanner, Naomi, Babe, Sugar Pie and Bianca. 

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