and then there were 37

In the past 2 months, Sit With Me has unexpectedly taken in 5 litters of puppies. This is incredibly taxing on so many people so please continue to read and perhaps you can help?

The first litter came in July. They are now known as the Minion Litter. There are 5 in total, 3 males and 2 females. They no longer have a mother, she died during a trip with the previous owners and the pups were only days old. They were brought to a shelter who couldn't take care of the puppies for weeks, around the clock, so they reached out to Sit With Me. The pups are now 7 weeks old and are split into two foster homes whom live close to each other for play dates. These puppies had to be fed with formula, burped and cleaned every 2 hours. A lot of work!

The second litter comes in early August and is the Pokemon litter. These pups as well, have no mother. She didn't die but she did maul one of the pups when they were only a couple of days old. The mauling was severe and the owner felt the pups weren't safe. They were surrendered to a shelter whom, like the other shelter, had no resources to hand raise the puppies. There are 5 in this litter, including the mauled puppy. She sadly has had to lose both her eyes but is in good hands and has incredible will to live and fight off the infections she's endured. Currently the injured pup and a littermate are being fostered by a vet tech. The other 3 are together with a foster home. 

The third litter is Marion's puppies. Marion was a pregnant Boxer whom was picked up as a stray. She gave birth in the shelter and needed to be moved fast. Sit With Me found a foster spot within their volunteers so they made the several hour journey to pick her up with the puppies. Marion had 6 puppies and even though she was pretty scared when she first arrived, she has settled in and is being a good mother to her pups. 

The fourth litter are 10 puppies that were left in a cardboard box, in an alleyway. Completely abandoned they were discovered, picked up and brought to the local shelter. These puppies were 2 days old. Blind, deaf and completely helpless. A massive call for fosters was made internally. After 3 days in a home with a SWM member (with round the clock feedings, and cleaning of 10 hungry and stinky bums, 4 foster homes were found and the pups were split into groups. They are currently being taken care of by dedicated foster mums who probably have lacked a bit of sleep this week. 

The fifth litter is Emma's litter. Emma was left at a shelter by her previous owner .. very pregnant. Sit With Me organized a foster home (unsure of how many puppies she had) for her and last week she gave birth to 13 puppies. Yes, 13. Sadly 2 didn't make it .. despite the efforts of two SWM members. However there are 11 beautiful puppies with incredible colouring and markings. Like all the other litters, they are mixed breeds and unknown at this time. Emma is being a fantastic mum, like Marion, and has her own space at her foster home where she can sneak away for a puppy break. 

So .. lots of puppies. There are 37. Currently Sit With Me has reached out to many pet stores across Ottawa to provide drop off locations for donations. 

Love Your Pet in Kemptville
Barrkhaven in Barrhaven
Global Pet Foods Kanata (Eagleson Road)
Global Pet Foods Hintonburg
Chew-That in Riverside South
Chew 'n Do in Manotick
Pet Valu in Elm Vale Acres
Pet Valu in Orleans on Innes Rd.
Healthy Pets HQ 420 Bank St. - Downtown.
Cricket & Company - 21 Murray St. -Downtown
Carleton Place Veterinary Hospital 120 Coleman St in Carleton Place

Here is a list of items they are currently looking for. If you have something that might be appropriate to donate, you can bring to any of the places above and just say it's for the "Sit With Me litters'

  • puppy pads
  • cans of puppy food (ie.Wellness puppy or any mousse like puppy food)
  • high quality puppy or all stages kibble (the pet stores listed above can help suggest great brands).
  • crates (24" long or greater)
  • baby wipes
  • grocery store gift cards (natural homemade baby formula is pricey)
  • paper towels
  • laundry detergent
  • gentle cleaning supplies 
  • safe chew toys for puppies. 
  • new small soft polar fleece blankets 

Financial donations over $20 receive charitable tax receipts (paypal or email transfer to sitwithmerescue@gmail