2016 Fall Mini Session

After the success of last years sessions, I am please to be offering the same this coming Autumn. Like last year, I will be donating $100 from each session to Sit With Me Rescue.
We have several medical cases, which cost a lot of money monthly. Without ongoing donations from the public, these dogs would not have the chance to have a healthy + happy second chance. 

I feel we can help contribute to their well being! 

Are you looking for great photographs of your pet and would like to help out some dogs in need at the same time?

Sessions are short but SWEET. A central location in Ottawa. I have 4 dates available, these will vary depending on the fall foliage report for the Ottawa area. 

All you need to do is contact me with your preferred date. The time of these shoots are between 11am - 3pm. A week after the shoot, I will send you a direct download link to 10 images. They are full resolution, printable up to 8X12 inches. I will also provide a web sized friendly version and a 5X7 magnet of your FAVOURITE shot. 

Contact me today to book your session and help some dogs at the same time!


Some current Sit With Me dogs that require care


Gertrude came into rescue and not long after it was clear that she was unwell. After a couple trips to emergency, Gertrude was diagnosed with an insulinoma. This is a tumour found in the pancreas which secretes insulin causing Gertrude's blood sugar to drop extremely low. Gertrude has been seen by specialists and the best course of action to give her as long and happy life as possible at this point is medical management. Gertrude has started chemotherapy in conjunction with steroids to try and shrink the tumour and lessen the effects. So far, Gertrude is showing us resilience and bravery through her ordeal. Tail is always wagging and she is always looking for the next person to smother with her kisses. Chemo is about $400 per month and her emergency visits with specialists was about $3,000.


    Aubrey came into rescue as an expected palliative dog. Her original vet exams before arriving in care revealed a large mass close to her uterus. However, once in care and after having settled in to her foster home, Aubrey went for a check up with our vets and the mass was gone! There is still a lot of unknowns with Aubrey and further tests to go through however, it seems at this point that the original mass felt might have simply been some inflamed and swollen tissue due to a hormone spike (heat or false pregnancy?). We should know more about what Aubrey's future hold in the next couple months!


    Ben is 8.5 years old and came into rescue suffering from luxating patella's in both knees. Given the size of our boy and the pain these luxating patella's created, surgery was decided as the plan of action. Ben had his first knee done and the surgery was a full success. He will be having his second knee operated on very shortly. Cost of a surgery like Ben's is $2,400 per knee.


    Arlo is a gorgeous and sweet hound mix. At 5.5 years old, he is suffering from anal fistula's which are very difficult to treat. Ben has been followed by a dermatologist since March and we are still working on resolving his issues. Cost of Ben's monthly medication is $200 and he also has his dermatology consults and specialized tests which add up quickly.


    Naya broke the heart of everyone in rescue when she arrived in care after being thrown out of a car. Naya's femur was broken and needed surgical correction to give this little girl some relief. Once her neurological symptoms from brain swelling due to being thrown out of a car resolved, Naya headed off into surgery. She also had a mammary mass removed which unfortunately came back malignant. Naya is currently undergoing chemo therapy (she's half way done and has had no side effects! Yeah!!!) and once this is done, her prognosis for her living a much longer life will look great! Naya's surgery cost $2,500 and her chemo treatments cost about $300 each.


    Elloise was surrendered by her family after she suffered and embolism causing her to loose function in her back legs. Since coming into rescue, Elloise has improved tremendously but has not regained full function of her back legs. To ensure Elloise stays healthy, she required hydrotherapy (doggy swimming!) twice a week. Elloise is hoping to find a forever home to call her own very soon where she can continue her swimming adventures with her family. 


    Cash has got to be the sweetest, cuddliest dog in town! But we knew early on when her arrived in rescue that something was a bit off with him. Extreme thirst and frequent urination lead us to the diagnosis of diabetes insipidus. Cash requires monthly medication to control his diabetes which costs about $100/month. Today, Cash is a normal dog who enjoys a great life! Out in search of his forever home who will love him to bits.


    Matata is a senior pom who came into rescue with his best friend, Hakuna (another pom!). Matata suffers from heart disease but was also suffering from a very painful and infected mouth. After having had him in care for a couple months, it was decided to have Matata undergo anesthetic to take care of his rotting mouth (anesthetic is always risky but especially in senior dogs with heart issues). Leaving him suffer was just not an option. A dental of this magnitude is quite expensive and costs anywhere between $800 and $1,500. Matata will need life-long heart medication and is also being followed for a bladder stone which might need surgical intervention as well. With Matata, we are committed to giving his the best, pain free life possible for as long as possible.